About Us

Novelty brigade aims to add the much needed fun in your online purchase habits. We all spend lots of money on purchasing the regular needs – items for which you could create weekly, monthly or yearly lists. What Novelty Brigade aims to bring to you are products that would otherwise never feature on your regular lists. We handpick items that we know you would enjoy having in your life but at very reasonable prices. Novelty might be a children’s trait but it doesn’t have to be an adult’s luxury.

While attempting to add some much needed fun to your day to day lives, aim for two things: to find products that you might not find anywhere else online and to price them in such a way that it never pinches your pockets. We are conscientious that way!

Given the nature of the products we showcase, most of our products could be bought even as gifts for yourself or for a loved one. We also maintain a fresh display of products/product lines to ensure that nothing gets old and you find something new every time you visit our site.

So, we urge you to subscribe to our newsletter – so we can keep you updated on any new products we add, and also to bookmark our site so you could visit it whenever you need a bit of magic n your life.

We like to laugh. We believe you do too. Let’s have a laugh together with these fun purchases.